Friday, October 28, 2011

Yu Yongding, and Li Daokui, you recognize these names?

Yu Yongding, and Li Daokui, you recognize these names? As far as I can tell, they are 1 in a billion minds, two of the best macroeconomists in China. I'm surprised I never read Prof. DeLong, Prof. Krugman, or other prolific blogging American macroeconomists mentioning their names or discussing their ideas.


  1. You should look into IWEP and CASS, the Institute of World Economics and Politics, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

    If China is now the center of the world economy, it should also be, de facto, the center of world economic governance - even if not explicitly. The institutions from the period of Euro-American hegemony still dominate the headlines, but it's the decisions made by bodies like SAFE and PBOC which (on this hypothesis) matter more for the future of the world - though the future is still being made by an interplay between the old and the new.

    Anyway, if SAFE and PBOC are the institutions with some executive power in the current situation, IWEP and CASS would be providing the theoretical templates for analysis.

  2. No, I don't recognize the names. Can you link to something in particular from them you found informative?

  3. TGGP, the thought popped sort of randomly into my head that China has a billion people and yet although I read lots of blog posts by American economists on China, I haven't read a single one mentioning a Chinese economist. In contrast I'm well aware that India is run by one of India's brightest economists. So I google searched "china's best economist" and got Yu Yongding's name. Through the results, I also noticed Li Daokui mentioned several times. I didn't notice many others (Although there is a Columbia University professor of Chinese descent who is a China expert on Vox's blogroll, not quite the same thing). I noticed one of those guys has written a couple of editorials recently in the Financial Times in favor of floating the Renmibi, I think, and they've been mentioned in connection with China assisting in an EU bailout, so they're not exactly invisible.

    I'm curious about other top economists representative of other large global populations and/or economic areas (top non-chinese Indonesian economist, top Nigerian economist, that sort of thing).

    Hopefully Anonymous