Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I want Prof Delong to have more competition, I want a comprehensive review of the Fed Governors

My response to TGGP in the comments:

TGGP, I think Yglesias later posted a Dallas Fed guy as villian. I'd like to run through all the Fed governors and get a sense where they are.

DeLong seems to remain to me the asymptotically best macroeconomist on this topic, despite his biases and all. I just wish he had more good faith competition on the top mind/top explainer area, or at least more that I was aware of.

Hopefully Anonymous

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  1. Yeah, that Richard Fisher is terrible. He's not an economist and talks in sailing metaphors. Somebody can his ass. He always talks about how the Fed needs to "listen" to the business community but presents no data that the community favors his terrible stance on inflation, and a simple glance at market reactions (assuming a belief in EMH or something close to it) would reveal the opposite.

    Surprisingly, he's a Democrat although he seems to be aligned with Morgan Warstler. And if you're not familiar with that commenter, be glad.