Monday, September 19, 2011

Hillary Clinton Would Have Been A Worse President Than Obama, Because She's Dumber and a Poorer Manager

My response to this:

There's a notion that's floated pretty much since the day President Obama became President that Secretary Hillary Clinton would have made a better president. There are people who I think would have made a superior President: Bloomberg, Prime Minister Singh, Secretary General Ki-Moon, and plausibly Secretary Sebelius and Secretary Napolitano, but I'm skeptical about Hillary Clinton of 2008.

First, I observed both during the Democratic Primary, and Secretary Clinton lost on grounds of managerial competence -she managed her campaign worse than President Obama managed his. I recall a moment where she seemed destined to do much worse than Obama in Texas because she didn't pay as close attention to their delagate rules.

Second, he just seems to me to have a superior intellectual pedigree. Magna grads of Harvard Law are generally smarter than Yale Law grads, and his thoughts and commentary seem smarter to me.

So, I'd like to see Obama challenged in the 2012 election for the Democratic Nomination, and I think it would be awesome if Secretary Clinton was one of his challengers, but if anything I think the weight of evidence is that she'd have been a worse president the past few years.


  1. Except about the challenge part. How often has a challenge to a sitting president worked out? And by a member of his cabinet?

  2. Christof Koch will be speaking about consciousness at Singularity Summit.
    Hat-tip to Razib.