Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog reactivated, but we're probably all doomed anyways.

I'm motivated to reactivate this blog mostly because my sense is Yglesias, DeLong, Gelman and Krugman have all become ridiculously censorious with the comments of their own blogs and TGGP's comment sections seem rather dead and unengaged with regard to public policy.

My recent fascinations are with policy failure with regards to the "Great Recession" the conservatives seem to be zombies, the Obama inner circle seem to be Chamberlainesque, and Krugman and DeLong seem to have put themselves in a Semmelweiss trap. I seem to be in my own Semmelweiss trap.

We'd probably all be doomed no matter how well we played this game, but my god is us playing the best survival game.


  1. "Semmelweiss trap"?

    Is there a way for you to import the contents of your old blog over here?

  2. Typepad has instructions for exporting to blogspot here: