Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Michael Trick the Andrew Gelman of Operations Research blogging?

Seems expert and chatty, don't know how much of a hero he actually is in the field, though. Top google result for operations research blog.

I say the odds are pretty good I'll go back to school for a post-baccalaureate, through at least a masters in Operations Research or similar quant-managerial credential, if I can hack it. Or even a Ph.D. if I can hack it.


  1. The link to his blog is here.

    I had never heard the phrase "operations research".

  2. Hopefully Anonymous said ...

    I'm pretty sure its scrawled all over my old blog. I think its more likely that you don't remember it than you never heard of it.

    Operations Research is just another academic tradition converging on the same point as game theory, FAI, etc.